An Introduction to the World of Java Programming

Created by master computer programmer James Gosling of Sun Microsystems, the Java programming language revolutionized the world of computing when it first appeared in the mid-1990s. Specifically designed with a minimum of implementation dependencies, Java remains in wide use today, with its most recent version, Java 17, having been released to the public in September of 2021.

This website is operated by people with a deep understanding and love of computer programming. Here, readers of all skill levels will find a wealth of information about Java, which, despite its relative age, remains the language of choice for many professional programmers.

Java Projects for Beginners

22 May 2022

Having mastered the basics of Java programming, it is best to start with some more straightforward projects. These could include a speech recognition app or developing an online courier program. Learning speech patterns can be done by the use of the Java Speech API from Sun Microsystems.

Why Should You Learn Java?

14 Apr 2022

For those who wish to learn a coding language, Java is a great choice. It is used by some of the biggest brands, such as Airbnb and Uber. In addition, Java is ideal for writing programs for apps on Android devices and is relatively easy to learn.

Java 101

2 Mar 2022

In 1991, James Gosling began to develop a new language with the purpose of it being to allow specific electronic devices to start communicating with each other. It took four years before it was ready and proved immediately to be a valuable tool for working on the World Wide Web.